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Start The Workout Routine You've Always Dreamed Of!

Own Your Health. Own Your Performance.

Prime Performance Rehab wants to help you achieve your fitness goals! We are now offering workout programming for individuals who are ready to have exercises catered to their specific wants!


How can individual workout programming impact your health and wellness?


Are you tired of working out week after week and not seeing any real changes? Tired of the plateau?


Have you tried following YouTube, Instagram, or other fitness workout pages that are one size fits all?


Are you doing too much of the same things to the point where you are bored or hurting with too much volume?

Prime Performance Rehab can write your daily workouts to align with your schedule and your health/fitness goals!

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Charleston's Premier Physical Therapy Clinic! We bridge the gap between healthcare and performance to help you get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love to do!


Picture This...

- For the first time in a long time, you actually enjoy going to the gym and working hard.

- You no longer have any worries about if you are doing the right movement with the right technique.

- You can compete/push yourself in workouts without having your body regret it the next day.

- You are more confident in your body and in yourself. You are seeing progress in all the goals that you care about in terms of health and wellness!

Our physical therapists have programmed for hundreds of athletes just like you to help them meet their goals, stay healthy, and love the gym!

What Programming With Prime Includes:

An individualized program that is catered to your specific strength, cardio, health, and functional goals.

Opportunities to have weekly or monthly physical therapy movement "check-ups" to address any aches or pains.

Peace of mind with knowing exactly what you are working towards and having a workout program that is helping you get from point A to point B.

Reduced stress about having to research, plan, and devise a warm up, workout, pre-hab, and conditioning routine.

Happiness and the feeling of accomplishment as you see yourself crush your goals and start feeling confident in the gym!


We put in the time and effort to create your IDEAL workout routine.

You put in the work.

Together, we get you STRONG, HAPPY, and HEALTHY!

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