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3 Tips For Training

In today's dopamine-filled, instant-gratification society, most of us are looking for what is going to give me the results I want NOW. This is true in a wide variety of situations and the thought process is best exemplified by the world of Social Media. Right, wrong, or indifferent... social media has a huge hold on our society and we often look to it for news, humor, advice, entertainment, and social interaction.

Sadly, in the sport training/weight lifting world, there are very few instances where we can get the results we want quick enough to fill that void of instant gratification. It takes time. It takes showing up day in and day out to put in the work. Elite athletes did not become elite because they found the magic workout plan or that they trained really hard for 8 weeks. No. They got to where they are by putting in years of work. They got there by showing up every day and getting 1% better. It's the consistency that sets them apart.

To put it differently, it is much harder to start than it is to maintain. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest but objects in motion tend to stay in motion. If you've ever pushed a sled in the weight room, you know this to be true. It is way harder to get that sled moving compared to keeping it moving on the turf once you get it going. In your exercise routine, you have to keep it moving once you get it started. Therefore, it is important to schedule, plan, and stay the course when it comes to your workout program. Here are 3 tips for maintaining consistency in your workout regimen.

1. Surround Yourself With The Right People. -- One of our core beliefs at PRIME Performance is that, at the amateur level, you will never maximize your potential without the support of your teammates. To be consistent in the weight room, and in life, you need to have a quality supporting cast to keep you accountable and on track. It is easy to hide when you train by yourself. Teammates ensure accountability and add that spark to your lift that only comes when you look to your left and you see your buddy grinding alongside you.

2. Be Microambitious. -- Unrealistic or vague long term goals are a cancer to your development. You can hide behind vague long term goals because it doesn't require anything from the athlete here and now. Be clear and direct with what you want to accomplish and set a daily or weekly goal to accomplish that task. Setting a goal for next year that doesn't require you to show up to a scheduled lift tomorrow because you have plenty of time is a recipe for disaster. At PRIME Performance, we believe in being microambitious in our goals and expectations so that we can be where we want to be in the long term.

3. Learn The Why. -- Being consistent in your training and development will require sacrifice and dedication. It is very difficult to be dedicated to something that you don't fully understand. If I am going to commit my time and energy to a program, I want to know what I am getting myself into. This is why it is so important to learn about the exercises, the stretches, the routines you are participating in... rather than just going through the motions in some one-size-fits-all program that your coach found online. Have conviction and take control of your development. Ask questions. It's your future. It's your career. It's your health.

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